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ladder_to_pt_500.jpgWelcome to the Maryland Heights Fire District website. You'll find information ranging from educational materials to teach children and adults how to prevent and escape from fires, information about our emergency medical services division, and information on life safety requirements for construction from our fire marshal. 

The paramedics and firefighters of the Maryland Heights Fire District are dedicated to providing the best emergency services the citizens and patrons of the district have come to expect and experience. All first response units are equipped with advanced life support personnel and supplies to provide the fastest emergency medical care when seconds count. Our firefighters are among the best trained in the metropolitan area. Many have trained on special rescue operations such as collapse rescue, trench rescue, and confined space rescue.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you have about the emergency and non-emergency services we provide.

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The Maryland Heights Fire Protection District continues to provide state-of the-art advanced life support fire apparatus and advanced life support ambulances with the finest cross-trained paramedic-firefighters.



Frequently Asked Ambulance Questions

Q Why is a fire truck arriving with the ambulance?

A The District not only delivers advanced life support ambulance, we also provide advance life support fire apparatus. When a life threatening call is received both are dispatched to ensure the maximum amount of paramedics and equipment on scene to assess and treat the patient. In the event both ambulances are busy on other calls, there is no delay in patient care waiting for a neighboring ambulance as the fire truck paramedics are equipped to perform the critical assessments and treatments for the patient. (Not all fire services offer paramedics on fire apparatus)

Q Does the ambulance just respond to medical calls?

A No. The ambulance is equipped with more than just medical equipment. The two paramedics are cross-trained in firefighting, hazardous materials, and a wide range of technical rescue. When an incident is dispatched, the ambulance staffed with the Paramedic firefighters are part of the primary response. (Quicker response times and cross-trained paramedics are just some of the key advantages of fire-based ambulances)

Q Why are you invoicing Insurance providers for ambulance services?

A The funds collected from the insurance providers offset the rising medical costs necessary to preserve your quality service without raising taxes. This type of invoicing is practiced by other fire and ambulance districts in this region and is accepted as an industry standard throughout the United States.

Q How does the District get paid for ambulance services?

A The District will send an invoice directly to your private or governmental insurance provider. We accept their partial payment and the remaining balance will be covered by your ambulance taxes.

Q Will I receive a bill from the Fire District for ambulance service?

A No. A resident of the Fire District will not receive a bill for ambulance service.

Q Do I need to give you insurance information?

A When your paramedic-firefighters arrive for your medical emergency not a moment is expended gathering insurance information. We collect all the insurance information directly from the receiving hospital. You do not have to provide us any insurance information.

Q What do I get from my insurance company?

A Insurance providers are required to send you an "Explanation of Benefits" letter. It will explain what portion they disbursed out for medical services. If the insurance provider did not cover the entire amount you may see a remaining balance but it is covered by your ambulance taxes. No bill will be sent out for the unresolved amount.








A Maryland Heights Fire District resident will not receive a bill for ambulance service. If you are billed through error, please call us immediately so it can be resolved.

If you have further questions we welcome you to call our administrative office Monday thru Friday at 314-298-4400 and ask to speak with one of the listed officers.

Chief Medical Officer, Ken Frederickson

Public Information Officer, Captain Robert Daus

Fire Chief, Steve Olshwanger

Construction and Use Permits

codes.gifThe Life Safety Division is responsible for building code inspections, plans review, and fire prevention activities. Formerly known as the Fire Marshal’s Office, this division is the point for all activities related to fire prevention – from building plan review to inspections to public fire education to working with builders and contractors on fire code issues.

Blood Pressure Checks

Maryland Heights Fire Protection District offers free blood pressure checks at both engine house 1 and 2. Please call the administrative office at 314-298-4400 for more information.

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